Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All Sales People Are Untrustworthy Hustlers!

This is the mentality that potential buyers, even people who have no interest in purchasing, have towards sales people in the auto industry. It is an unfortunate stereotype that all new generation sales people have to overcome. It is very tough for sales people to overcome this, a task even the old generation sales person struggles with. How do you make a customer with that mentality trust you and become comfortable enough to purchase from you? That is the question I get all the time, be it from sales people, friends, even family.

I've been doing sales now for ten years, six of which were spent in the construction business. Before I arrived into the automotive sales industry, I myself had this same mentality! Like others, my own experiences mixed with stories I heard over my lifetime led me to the same conclusion that the majority of people have about sales people, hustlers, and crooks!

It wasn't until three months into my employment here that I realized that this business is no different than any other business! Things have changed from the old days, and they continue to change as I write. This business that at one point may have been the land of crooks and thieves is now, I believe, as customer friendly as you can possibly be. That's not to say there aren't bad apples here and there. Every business has them. But as manufacturers continue to implement more rules, regulations and standards for selling, those bad apples will eventually disappear! It will take time for people to realize all the changes this business has gone and continues to go through. GM, I'm happy and proud to say, is one manufacturer that is taking customer service to another level! Every month it seems they have something that benefits the buyer, be it standards for selling or customer incentives. Day by day more and more GM dealers are realizing the only way to survive will be to go with the trend, and that trend is "customers first!" It will be a tough mountain to climb, but one worth the ever drop of sweat! GM is on a speed-train to the top of the industry, and they know, and we know, the only way to get to the top is the customer!

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