Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Importance of Regular Transmission Service

GM recommends regular maintenance of the transmission. The standard maintenance includes checking the transmission fluid level and adding fluid when needed, and replacing the fluid when necessary and at regular intervals. Learning why it is important to change your transmission fluid will help you better maintain your vehicle's transmission, possibly avoiding costly repairs in the future.

Transmission fluid keeps the transmission working properly. A well lubricated and properly functioning transmission keeps the vehicle in the proper gear for the driving conditions. If the transmission fails to execute the gear changes in a manner intended by the vehicle's design, the engine will undergo undue stress as it strives to maintain speed in an improper gear. Transmission fluid that is weakened by tens of thousands of miles of use is less capable of maintaining proper transmission performance, which takes a toll on the vehicle's engine. The key to saving gas is to have a vehicle performing in as efficient a manner as possible. Transmission fluid that does not properly lubricate the transmission will lead to an inefficient motor. Changing the transmission fluid regularly will ensure that the vehicle is operating in the proper gear, and the engine is running smoothly and efficiently, thus increasing the vehicle's gas mileage.

Without transmission fluid, the operation of a car would not be possible, or at least not at the speed and efficiency to which we have become accustomed. Like so many other marvels of the modern world, transmission fluid serves a purpose that basically (and literally) keeps the wheels turning, yet goes unnoticed by many people.

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